Building a community

The MWBE Show was founded on the belief that with the right tools, knowledge, and training, anything is possible regardless of your ethnic background or sexual identity. A key aspect of this is to help each other succeed.

The MWBE Show is a public service designed specifically to provide “Thought Leadership” and relevant content to educate and promote disadvantaged Minorities and Women in areas of business (otherwise known as MWBE’s or Minority and Women Business Enterprises). The content of the program will provide information, education, and news on business essentials, business techniques, financial management, start-ups, public and private contracting, MWBE certification considerations, estimating techniques, marketing, tools, business planning, and several other areas related to business.

Our delivery platforms for this content will include social media, news outlets, websites, blogs, video (vlogs), podcasting, video casting, and other forms available to us. The purpose is to communicate with MWBE’s, businesses, government agencies and others interested in these topics. The mediums described will also be used to conduct interview with MWBE founders for the purpose of providing them a platform for marketing in and out of their communities.

We are looking forward to our July 2019 launch so stay tuned. We hope to see you soon.