Michael Serrano is the Founder and Host of The MWBE Show and CEO of MAS Dynamics, a Hispanic-owned business development firm based out of New York. Michael has been in the healthcare and security technology industry for over 25 years and has now dedicated his time to the development of Minority and Women owned business enterprises (MWBE’s). 

After spending several years as a certified Minority security technology firm in New York, he Founded MAS Dynamics, a business development firm in 2019 with the premise of creating a vast network of MWBE firms to share information, educate, and promote the MWBE community. To facilitate this process and bring his passion to fruition, he created a new business unit called “The MWBE Show.” 

New York has one of the most, if not the most robust MWBE programs in the country. In his experience as an MWBE firm in New York, he saw early on that there was a path to financial freedom through MWBE certification if you were willing to work hard and make certain sacrifices in order to be successful. As with any other business, he found that even with considerable training programs offered by the State and City, many MWBE’s were still struggling. The training programs would be helpful, but there are still several gaps and barriers that need to be filled and overcome respectively. The MWBE Show will work to bring these issues to the forefront with the MWBE community while MAS Dynamics works to build the network and infrastructure to support change. 

Mr. Serrano holds and Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services from Metropolitan College of New York and a Master of Science Degree in Aerospace from the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences (UND).