I like to take on clients that really need my help and that have potential. In some cases, I’m also looking hard at possible acquisition if the company meets a certain criteria. This is one of those companies.

Here I am at my weekly meeting with Dio Arias and Sara Guilamo at their office in upper Manhattan, before heading over to the SYNNEX event at Chelsea Piers. They are from Millennium Remanufactured Toner owned by Frank Garcia. This is a certified minority company to watch over the coming months as it is one I’m redeveloping from the ground up. I’ll be giving you an inside peek every now and then to show you how its done.

They are a great crew and working hard on all of the due diligence I’m putting on their plate. And that is only the first step. I truly believe in the “3 P’s,” People-Process-Product. Without your people, there is no company. Without processes, you have no systems. Without the first two, you can forget about the product. Rinse and repeat.

I’ll be posting updates periodically with some video explainers on the systems and processes every business needs.